Under Cyprus law, the deadline for paying the renewal fee for the License is 31st December of each year. According to the Registration of Speech-Language Pathologists Law 136(Ι)/2001/Part IV/ Article 9(1), “no registered speech-language pathologist may exercise the profession unless he/she has obtained an annual Professional License from the Council.” “Speech-language pathologists employed in the public service of the Republic are exempted from the above Article.” Consequently, all registered speech-language pathologists who exercise the profession in the private sector must hold a valid Professional License. If not, they are guilty of an offence. 
It is very important to settle the payment of the annual Professional License by 31st December, since the list with the names of speech-language pathologists who have renewed their License is sent to interested parties (e.g. the Radiomarathon Foundation) by the 15th of January of each year. The list will be updated every 3 to 6 months.

Fee for the issue of the annual Professional License 

The fee for the issue of the License amounts to €34.17 (under Article 4(1) of the Registration of Speech-Language Pathologists Regulations of 2005)
The annual Professional License is sent once the amount of €34.17 is deposited into the account of the Registration Council of Speech-Language Pathologists No. 121- 01- 346304- 01 with the Hellenic Bank and the deposit slip is sent to the following address:
Registration Council of Speech-Language Pathologists, P.O.Box 16138, 2086 Nicosia

In case the deposit slip cannot be sent by post, the relevant payment details can be sent through email at info@strc.gov.cy. As soon as this is done the Registration Certificate will be prepared and sent.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you make the deposit, ask the cashier to enter the name of the registered speech-language pathologist in full in the field named “details”.
It is important that the renewed License for the current year as well as the Registration Certificate stating the Register number of the registered speech-language pathologist are displayed in a conspicuous place in the practice.